Football 2017
Division Date Time Home Team Score Away Team Score Location
-- All players must be weighed at one of the three weigh-ins (others on TBD).
-- Player chooses which of three initial weigh-in dates to attend BUT CAN ONLY WEIGH-IN ONCE.
POST-SEASON CHAMPIONSHIPS--October 24 at Navarre Field. Times TBD
-- ADMISSION will be charged for Post-Season Championship Games [$2 Adult; $1 Child; $5 Family].
WEIGHT LIMITS: 165lbs. in A Division; 130lbs. in B Division.
-- Overlimit players may play on Offensive Line [Tackle-to-Tackle]
-- Overlimit players may play Defensive Line [Tackle-to-Tackle] - 2007 EXPERIMENTAL RULE RETAINED FOR 2009.
-- Overlimit players barred from Kickoff (& KO Receiving) Teams; allowed on PATs.
-- If overlimit player gains possession of ball, the ball is immediately dead.
-- Overlimit players will be given Special Decal, which must always be on their helmet.
OFFICIALS (3 per game) paid by Home Team (first team listed on schedule) - League pays Championship Officials.
-- Each A Official $40.00 ($120 total for all 3); each B Official $35.00 ($105 total for all 3)
SCORE to be reported to this Website by winning team by Sunday 8pm.
SCORING (SPECIAL RULES): Field Goals worth 4 points. PATs -- Kicked worth 2 pts., Run/Passed worth1 pt.
SIDELINE restricted to Players, Coaches, ADs and Pastors ONLY. No other persons allowed on field-side of ropes.
-- St. Charles always on Press Box Sideline; Home Team on Press Box Sideline when involving two Monroe City Teams.
-- Higher Seed (#3 and #1) on Press Box Sideline for Third-Place and Championship Games.
SUBSTITUTION RULE: Team up 21 or more must have at least 6 subs on field (or their entire bench if less than 6) until margin falls below 21; in 4th qrt. BOTH TEAMS have to have six subs on field until margin drops below 21.
-- QUARTERS: 10:00 mins. (A Reg. Season games); 8:00 mins. (B Reg.Season games).
-- OVERTIMES: MHSAA Rules (4 downs from 10yrd line) in A (all games); B (Championship round games only).
--KICK-OFFS: There will be NO Kick-Offs; Team to receive ball will put ball in play at its own 35 yard line. 2008 EXPERIMENTAL RULE RETAINED FOR 2009.
--PATs: Teams indicate to referee whether kicking or run/pass play. NO fake kicks allowed. If run/pass play, PAT like normal play. If kicking, both teams must remain on their side of scrimmage line and kick allowed as long as snap does NOT require holder to leave stance to place ball down. If holder leaves stance to get snap, PAT attempt declared no good. Referee's discretion as whether holder leaves position. 2008 EXPERIMENTAL RULE RETAINED FOR 2009.
--FOUR MINUTE RULE: If lead is 17 or more points with 4:00 to go, score is final at that point. All substitutes MUST go into game until end. PLEASE NOTE 2008 POINT LIMIT TRIGGERING RULE RETAINED FOR 2008.