Softball 2018
Division Date Time Home Team Score Away Team Score Location
GAME RULES -- See Detailed Rules Attached. Below is from 2017.
Game Time: Game time is forfeit time, although games may start early with agreement of both teams.
Game Length (A Division). Games are 7 innings, with extra innings played until winner established.
Game Length (B Division): Games are 6 innings, with extra innings played until winner declared. After end of 8th inning, if no winner then game is a tie.
Game Time Limit (A Division): No inning shall start after two hours of play, UNLESS game tied and extra innings needed.
Game Time Limit (B Division): No inning shall start after one hour and 45 minutes of play, UNLESS tied and extra innings needed.
Inning Length (All Divisions): 3 outs or when offense scores 5 runs. TWO EXCEPTIONS:
(1) After 3rd inning, team behind more than 5 can score until 3rd out or until game tied, whichever comes first.
(2) In last inning, run limit does not apply up to mercy limit.
Mercy Rule (All Divisions): 15 runs after 4 innings/ 10 runs after 5 or more innings.
Full team compliment is 10. Teams can start with nine. Teams can play with 8, as long as no player was ejected.
Bunting (All Divisions): Bunting is allowed. Stepping on plate and fouled bunt after 2 strikes is an out.
Stealing (A Division): Allowed ONCE BALL LEAVES PITCHER. (Change for 2009) No stealing home on pitch, but allowed on other plays or passed ball.
Stealing (B Division): NOT ALLOWED.
Dropped Third Strike (A Division): Ball is in play.
Dropped Third Strike (B Division): Ball is dead, no advancement allowed.
Pitching Inning Limitation- pitcher can pitch no more than 12 outs, except a pitcher at the end of a tied game can remain as pitcher through end of extra innings regardless of out limitation. Pitchers are assessed any unused outs in an inning ending early because of the run cap.
Pitching Form (All Divisions): FAST PITCH
Base Distance (All Divisions): Sixty (60') feet.
Pitching Distance (A Division): Forty (40') feet.
Pitching Distance (B Division): Thirty-six (36') feet.
Softball (All Divisions): 12" optic yellow 375 compression
Bats (All Divisions): 1.2
Helmets (All Divisions): NOCSAE prescribed protective equipment is required (helmet with cages).
Umpire is to be paid $42.00 ($21.00 from each team). League will pay TOURNAMENT UMPIRES.
League will attempt to provide umpire for each game. If none shows, agree on substitute and play as if assigned by League.
SCORES -- Winning coach please E-Mail score using the website's